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Friday, April 9, 2010

Alphabet Theme (in progress)

For each letter of the alphabet, we will be doing certain crafts and activities. I recommend starting with the letters in your child's name.

For now, I'm thinking of doing one letter a week. In addition to the "letter of the week" we will have a theme (Spring, Easter, Farm, etc...). Each week we'll both do theme activities and letter activities. I'd like to try to connect the theme/letters somehow, but we'll figure it out as we go ;)

  • letter craft where the letter is the base of the craft (example: S shaped snake)
  • letter craft where the subject of the craft starts with that letter (example: make a butterfly for B)
  • Make your own letter book - weekly letter theme, each day we color a different page for the letter book
  • letter photos for an Alphabet book - have child search for an item beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Take a picture of the item(s) as well as the child forming each letter shape with his/her body. Make a photobook with all the letters through, shutterfly, Mypublisher, etc...
  • For older preschoolers: I Spy (sssss words, things that start with "b sound" etc...)
  • Snack/food: try to serve foods starting with the letter of the week. Ask child which foods on their plate start with "letter of the week".
  • letter sponge painting - I found sponges in the shapes of letters at the dollar store. Use sponges to play paint with one letter or the entire alphabet!

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