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Friday, April 9, 2010

Farm Theme

The Little Learners Lounge blog has some great farm theme ideas! Make sure to check it out :)

Felt board:
  • print out outlines of farm animals and have toddler color them. Cut out and glue to felt pieces. By the end of the week, you'll have a farm full of animals on the felt board!
  • Barn and chick templates: 
  • Matching - use the chick templates above to have child match the chick to the egg color.

  • Chick Tock: Pop Up Fun
  • Do Like a Duck Does
Poem from DLTK's Educational Activities

"This Little Chick" Felt Board Rhyme 
Learning Colors

This little chick is black.
She stands in the barnyard on a big haystack.
This little chick is brown.
She is feeling sad and wearing a frown.
This little chick is yellow.
She's friends with the rooster; he's a handsome fellow.
This little chick is white.
She dances and plays, oh what a sight.
This little chick is purple.
She spends her day running around in a circle.
This little chick is green.
She is the prettiest chick I've ever seen.
This little chick is blue.
She lays eggs for me and you.
This little chick is pink.
She goes down to the pond to get a drink.
All of these chicks live at the farm,
Out in the big red barn.

For chick templates and craft ideas, click here:

    Sensory activities:
    • Play dough - form animals out of play dough.  Use animal cookie cutters or stencils to press into play dough.
    • Hide farm animals in a tub of rice. Have child search for them and name the animals as they find them.

    • Sheep - cut out a white cloud-like shape for the body of the sheep. From black paper, cut out head and legs. Glue together. Have toddler glue mini marshmallows onto the body of the sheep.
    • Pig - I love this pig idea from LLL blog (above). Draw a pig outline on white paper. Have toddler  color with pink markers and crayons. Next, add "mud" by letting toddler finger-paint with chocolate pudding!
    • Chick - cut out a chick outline from yellow paper. Cut out lets and a triangle for the beak from orange paper. Have toddler glue parts together to make a chick. Use googly eyes for eyes.
    • Cow - Cut out an outline of a cow from white paper. Use a sponge dipped in black paint to add blotches.
    • Horse - Paper plate craft. Make something similar to this craft from Oriental Trading Co:

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