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Friday, April 9, 2010

Fish Paper Plate Craft

This morning I took Kylie to the pet store to buy a fish. She picked out a blue Beta fish, a small fish bowl, and blue and green stones and shells for decoration!

We still need to name him... any suggestions?

Since we have fish on the brain, I thought we would do some fish crafts and read fish books today. Maybe Kylie would like fish sticks for dinner? Or maybe that's a bad idea! After we brought the fish home, Kylie asked me to eat. I asked her what she wanted for lunch and she said she wanted to eat her fish... errrr.... :/

I found this Paper Plate Fish Craft on the DLTK website.

  • White paper plate
  • crayons/markers
  • glue
  1. Cut a small triangle out of the side of the plate. This will be the mouth of the fish. The triangle the fin.
  2. Color the fish and fin.
  3. Glue the fin to the back of the fish.
Reading Connection - Rainbow Fish

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