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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rhythm Sticks

Original idea from 365 Days of Baby Love, by Sheila Ellison and Susan Ferdinandi.

  • Rhythm sticks: can use anything you'd like.. toy drum sticks, sanded wood, wooden spoons, etc..
  • Hum a melody while you tap the sticks together lightly
  • Let baby hold one in each hand as you hold one in each hand. Do a made up patty cake type tapping
  • Put on music and tap a pillow or the floor together.
  • Play freeze-tap (like freeze-dance but with tapping!)

** You can also turn this into an art project by making and decorating you own rhythm sticks.
Using non-toxic paint, paint sanded down wood doweling. You could also paint or color paper towel rolls (first stuff them with tissue or paper and tape the ends shut).

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